Adult Creative Workshops.


Children’s Creative Workshops.


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Price : € 30.00 for 2 hours / € 40.00 for 3 hours

  • Introduction to sewing machines, basics of sewing, how to read and use a sewing pattern. Bring your own machine and learn how to use it!
  • Thinking of a specific sewing project? I will help and advise you on personalised individual projects.
  • Do you wish to make a piece of clothing from a sewing pattern you already own? I will help you in its creation.
  • Customisation, recycling, and upcycling are my speciality! I like to reuse material and fabrics and give them a second life.
  • Repair and transform instead of disposing and buying!

Are you a group of friends and would like to spend some time together learning, creating, and sharing ideas?

Get in touch with me to arrange a bespoke workshop around a common theme.

Are you each at different skill levels? That’s even better! Everyone will learn from each other and we will gather creative ideas together in a pleasant atmosphere!

From 5 to 7 years old (Price : € 25.00 for 2 hours )*
Hand sewing, simple creations.

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From 8 years old (Price : € 30.00 for 2 hours / € 40.00 for 3 hours )

Learning how to use a sewing machine, the basics of sewing, assistance in the creation of personal sewing projects or workshop on one of the following themes:
Themes (non-exhaustive) :

Pillowcase, Art (fabric manipulation, embroidery) , Fabric jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins…), Clothing for dolls and teddies, Decorations (Christmas, Easter, Halloween…), Placemats, Bags, pencil cases…, Gifts for father’s day (tie, apron…), Gifts for mother’s day (jewellery roll, tote bag…)

Some projects require more than one workshop to complete.

* Must be supervised by a adult

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For each themed workshop, a description/tutorial will be given. A list of equipment required will be forwarded to you prior to the lesson (if the equipment is not included.). Equipment kits can be provided. The price will vary according to the project.

Multiple sewing patterns will be available for free during the workshop. I can answer your questions after the lesson for free via mail or online.

All lessons can be attended at my workshop in Youghal or at your own home.

Travel costs for lessons at your home :

  • No travel costs in  Youghal,

If the workshop is taking place at your home, travel costs will be divided amongst the students.

Discount :

  • € 5.00 for the host’s lesson (if the lesson is organised at their home for groups up to 3pp.. Doesn’t apply on private lesson).
  • 50% for the host’s lesson (if the lesson is organised at their home and full class : 4pp.)